510 mm Disc (Optional) Additional Disc Can be Angled from Tractor (Optional) Cemented Scrapers Forged Steel Bearing Hubs



OZDOKEN Model PGD-H is a light-type disc harrow that can be used as hydraulic. It is possible to carry the machine or lift the discs by controlling the machine from the tractor at the turns at the end of a field during the soil cultivation, with the help of hydraulic piston and double wheels. It is suitable for the tractors between 60 and 100 hp.




-Hydraulic piston system (Optional).

- Standart 460 mm boron steel discs. 510 mm discs (Optional).

- Forged Steel Bearing Hubs (European standards).

- You can cultivate your field using an add-on disc to open a furrow hole and close these holes without wasting time and effort.

- Thanks to the cemented scrapes on the blade, the disc is automatically cleaned from soil and weed.