610 / 660 mm Disc (Optional) Additional Disc Can be Angled from Tractor (Optional) Cemented Scrapers Forged Steel Bearing Hubs




Model PGD is central wheeled disc harrow which cultivates the soil without clod in the dry months, where plows cannot run after harvesting. Also, it smashes the stalks of the plants like sunflower, rice, and wheat and prepares the field for agriculture without requiring any other agriculture machine. Model PGD is manufactured between 18 and 56 discs and suitable for the 65-360 horsepower tractors. They are manufactured in 3 different models which are Model PGN-N suitable to the medium-sized tractors (65-85 hp), Model PGD-B suitable to medium-high sized tractors (80-170 hp) and fold type PGD-BK model suitable for high horsepower tractors (180-360 hp).




-The hydraulic piston makes it easy to control the machine from the tractor and to move or turn the machine at the end of the field.

-All machines in Model PGD  are equipped with European forged steel casting Bearing Hubs, adjustable arrowheads, discs made of boron steel.
-Machine's weight can be increased by filling the water into the frame of the machine.